Oils & Candles

Oils & Candles
12 White Shabbos candles that will fit Shabbat candle holders. A great buy and value..
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This pure extract of Almond has a very fragrant and nice smell. It represents Spirit filled life. A ..
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This book written by Apothecary Annette Ettinger is the most comprehensive book you will find on Bib..
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Do you need a breakthrough? Do you want to pray for others to receive a breakthrough? This anointing..
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Get 3 Oils for a reduced price. Choose which oil you want in your bottles. You also can upgrade for ..
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This special blend includes the Blends : Year of Jubilee, Prophets Mantle, Heart of Worship and also..
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Laser Cut Star of David in Crystal beautifully shaped candle holders.Specifications:The set comes in..
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Custom Anointing oil made just for you. We will customize an anointing oil blendjust for your minist..
Product ID: 200209973
This special blend of Prophetic Oils has been carefully chosen for those who love to Dance before th..
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Spikenard representing extravagant worship has been combined with pomegranate which represents love...
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Throughout scripture, figs symbolically represent fertility, fruitfulness and prosperity. They were ..
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55% offFrankincense & Myrrh Anointing Oil - This bottle holds 1/4 oz of oil and has a roller on the ..
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50% off for a limited timeFrankincense & Myrrh Anointing Oil - This bottle holds 2 oz of oilGreat fo..
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over The oils in this blend are Frankincense and Myrrh blended with Olive Oil. This large bottle wil..
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Pure Frankincense Essential Anointing Oil. This is what pure Frankincense really smells like.This An..
Product ID: 200209977
NEW! 50% offFrankincense, Myrrh and Gold anointing oil in a Roller Bottle 1/2 oz - A nice blend of o..
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Frankincense, Myrrh, Gold Biblical oils in glass bottles with glass aplicators attached to ornate to..
Product ID: 200209991
Sale Made from Genuine Alabaster (similiar to Marble) These Candle Stick Holders are 3.5 Inches tall..
Product ID: 200209703
Sale Made from Genuine Alabaster (similiar to Marble) These Candle Stick Holders are 5 Inches tall. ..
Product ID: 200209704
The Healing Anointing oil is made up of Biblical oils that prophetically speak of healing.This speci..
Product ID: 200209733
Heart of DavidDavid was a man after Gods own heart. He was a worshiper in the fields as he tended hi..
Product ID: 200209783
In this extraordinary blend weve used the symbolic meaning of Cedar to represent the prophetic union..
Product ID: 200210005
This Candleholder has scenes of Jerusalem With Hand painted Metallic Gold & Silver - These come with..
Product ID: 200209802
Beautiful blue cobalt heart shape bottle with attachments for a keychain or to hang off a purse or b..
Product ID: 200209974
This Keychain Anointing Oil container is very sturdy. Made of cast metal with clear stone embellishm..
Product ID: 200209661
Beautiful clear heart shape bottle with attachments for a keychain or to hang off a purse or belt lo..
Product ID: 200209975
Love Eternal Anointing Oil is blended together with sevaral Biblical oils. Frankincense, Myrrh, Almo..
Product ID: 200209698
This special blend of pure essential oils was formulated with the Biblical Oils- Frankincense, Myrrh..
Product ID: 200209992
50% off package dealGet the New Covenant Messianic Tallit Prayer Shawl and the Matching Tallit Bag a..
Product ID: 200209679
This Oil comes in a Purple Bottle with a Star of David on the front. The top is a Royal Crown with a..
Product ID: 200209995
Myrrh Anointing Oil - Pure Myrrh Essential Oil - The actual smell of pure Myrrh 1/3 ounceThis Anoint..
Product ID: 200209978
This special oil has been formulated with pure essential oils all chosen for those desiring a New Be..
Product ID: 200209988
We are now walking under "Open Heavens" The Glory, Favor and Blessing of God is upon His people. Thi..
Product ID: 200209732
Save 25%Passover Seder Meal Set:Includes:14" inch Silverplated Seder Plate fancy Hebrew design3 Comp..
Product ID: 200209724
Henna & Hyssop for the applicattion of the blood of Jesus, Almond for spirit filled life, Onycha for..
Product ID: 200209982
The Hebraic roots symbol is displayed on these filled pewter candleholders with blue backgroundSpeci..
Product ID: 200209805
These beautiful star of David Candle holders are made from polished brassThey are 4" tall and can be..
Product ID: 200209787
The sweet smell of Pure Pomegranate Essential oil is delicious. Pomegranate represents love as used ..
Product ID: 200209979
"To be greater in strength or influence and to triumph Through intimate union, the indestructible id..
Product ID: 200210006
This beautifully handcrafted gold box includes the following pure essential oils: Acacia,Almond,..
Product ID: 200210009
The oils in the Prophets Mantle are very expensive oils - but worth every drop. This large 4 oz ..
Product ID: 200209920
If you need God to restore all that has been stolen from you. If you know someone that needs restora..
Product ID: 200209745
Special Buy 50% off RetailSet of 2 Jerusalem Star of David Silver & Mtalic Gold paintedSize is 8 inc..
Product ID: 200209674
Set of 2 Jerusalem ball candle holder elongated w/goldSize is approx 3.75 inches in height.the diame..
Product ID: 200209803
Henna & Hyssop for the applicattion of the blood of Jesus, Almond for spirit filled life, Onycha for..
Product ID: 200209983
Shekinah Glory is a special blend of many prophetic oils. The Hebrew word "Shekinah" means -to settl..
Product ID: 200209996
Pure Spikenard Essential Oil. 1/3 oz . This is what Spikenard really smells like - it is more earthy..
Product ID: 200209980
The Apostle's Mantle was formulated to represent the heart of the Apostle. Specific prophetic oils w..
Product ID: 200209794
POMEGRANATE representing love, ALMOND for Spirit filled life, SANDALWOOD being an instrument of wors..
Product ID: 200209987
THE HOLY PLACE anointing oil is a prophetic oil that speaks of the Holy Place in the Tabernacle. Whe..
Product ID: 200209731