Own the Aaronic blessing in Torah-lettering on this beautiful sterling silver bracelet. This sacred ..
Product ID: 200210065
Designed and created by Israeli Jeweler Moshe Ozery. This Bracelet says in Hebrew "Sh'ma Yisrael" He..
Product ID: 200209852
for a limited time 50% offThis Hebrew Charm Bracelet has Gold Plated Hebrew Letters that spell "An L..
Product ID: 200209671
Designed and created by Israeli Jeweler Moshe Ozery. This Bracelet says in Hebrew "Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi..
Product ID: 200209850
Designed and created by Israeli Jeweler Moshe Ozery. This Bracelet says in Hebrew "Yeva Rekhe kha Ad..
Product ID: 200209851
NEW - Tzit Tzit Braceletthe windings on this bracelet are 13 -11- 8- 7Which numerically coincide wit..
Product ID: 200209708
This genuine .925 Sterling Silver Bracelet features several Messianic Hebraic Roots symbols linked i..
Product ID: 200209861
The picture shows the inside and the outside of the bracelet. The outside has the Hebrew Letters tha..
Product ID: 200209786
This glorious sterling silver cuff bracelet is a meld of flowing shapes and tulips galore. With hint..
Product ID: 53552
Sterling Silver bracelet with amethyst,jade,rose quartz, and pearl with sterling s. charms. By Neta..
Product ID: 53061
A sterling silver plaque with a cut-out Chai is paired with black leather in this traditional, yet c..
Product ID: 53466
Don't miss this enchanting sterling-silver leaf bracelet embellished with lovely tanzanite Swarovski..
Product ID: 53678
With a radiant geometric pattern, this sterling silver bracelet with Jet Swarovski crystals gives ri..
Product ID: 53686
A sterling silver "Love"--+æ bracelet with a twist: it's in Hebrew! The word is AHAVA, and the senti..
Product ID: 53673
With a radiant geometric pattern, this sterling silver bracelet gives rise to associations of harmon..
Product ID: 53685
The design of this striking sterling silver cuff bracelet is architectural in its clarity and patter..
Product ID: 53660
SHBB-66 Beads Bracelet Enjoy this sterling silver bracelet, with its freestyle expression. The silve..
Product ID: 53681
This darling sterling silver butterfly bracelet is a great gift choice for the girl or young woman a..
Product ID: 53666
Two musical clefs form this sterling silver bracelet, creating an elegant design. Give this bracelet..
Product ID: 53653
In this slinky sterling silver bracelet, crescents are linked to form an image of changing moons. Li..
Product ID: 53688
This charming sterling silver bracelet is an artistic rendering of figs, inspired by the vivid descr..
Product ID: 53683
Conjoined flowers make this sterling silver bracelet shine. Resembling natural flowers woven togethe..
Product ID: 53661
This sterling silver flower bracelet, like a short daisy chain, is utterly playful. Give it as a gif..
Product ID: 53684
This charming sterling silver flower bracelet is a perfect gift for a girl or young woman. With its ..
Product ID: 53668
A sterling silver cuff bracelet with an intricate Hamsa design will elicit a smile. The many Hamsa s..
Product ID: 53667
The hearts in this sterling silver bracelet seem to sway to a hidden beat. Well-designed and instant..
Product ID: 53662
As alluring as the hibiscus flower, this sterling silver cuff bracelet is a winner. Note the detail ..
Product ID: 53658
In this sterling silver Star of David bracelet, the star blends seamlessly into an intricate geometr..
Product ID: 53670
For the woman who loves lilies, this delicate sterling silver bracelet is sure to hit the mark. But ..
Product ID: 53687
With its exotic lotus flower, this sterling silver bracelet is quite glamorous. Lotuses were revered..
Product ID: 53659
A sterling silver "Love"--+æ bracelet is an affectionate gift for any occasion. Whether you present ..
Product ID: 53656
This sterling-silver heart bracelet is an exquisite rendition of a favorite symbol. Inspired by anci..
Product ID: 53549
This vibrant sterling silver medallion bracelet is a medley of crashing waves. The contained motion ..
Product ID: 53680
In this sterling silver bracelet, whimsical petals surround a star. The silver band, reminiscent of ..
Product ID: 53654
Interconnected pomegranates make for a delightful sterling silver bracelet. Can be given to celebrat..
Product ID: 53651
Ornate and detailed, this sterling silver pomegranate bracelet is distinguished by its Mediterranean..
Product ID: 53674
This delicate sterling silver flower bracelet is a versatile piece of jewelry. It was inspired by th..
Product ID: 53657
This sterling silver bracelet with rolling waves evokes thoughts of water in motion and graces the w..
Product ID: 53649
An exquisite flower adorns your wrist in this feminine sterling silver bracelet. The Rose of Sharon ..
Product ID: 53689
This sterling silver abstract bracelet is a freehand doodle in metal. Give this bracelet, which lies..
Product ID: 53553
Don't miss this enchanting sterling silver leaf bracelet. The linked leaves, with a delicate, trelli..
Product ID: 53677
This delicate sterling silver Hamsa bracelet features spring flowers in a design that is softly harm..
Product ID: 53669
This whimsical sterling silver bracelet, consisting of interlocking swirls, is a natural fit for mos..
Product ID: 53675
Two intertwined hearts in this sterling silver bracelet"-+-ªwhat could be more symbolic? This design..
Product ID: 53663
The blossoming sterling silver bracelet is an exquisite reminder of scented spring nights. Inspired ..
Product ID: 53693
The sterling silver Surf Bracelet is a magnificent adornment. Shaped like ocean waves, this cuff bra..
Product ID: 53548
This flattering sterling silver bracelet combines two age-old traditions: a Star of David, encompass..
Product ID: 53690
Sterling Silver 7" Bracelet with amethyst, gray pearl. Ancient Hebrew medallions: Ahava, Mazel, Oshe..
Product ID: 53062
Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet. Pearl. With Extension 8". By Neta..
Product ID: 53071
Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet. Amethyst, Gray Pearl, Blue Topaz Beads. With Extension 8". By Neta..
Product ID: 53069