Hebrew "I am my beloved's & my beloved is mine" Raised Torah Letters

Hebrew "I am my beloved's & my beloved is mine" Raised Torah Letters

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A stunning piece of fine jewelry featuring "Ani Leh'Dodi Veh'Dodi Li" in pop-out, Torah-lettering. Translated into "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine", Song of Solomon 6:3. The bracelet itself is sterling silver, and solid 14K yellow gold bands, 14K yellow gold lettering, and stone finishing accompany this piece -- making it more distinguished than any other piece of the collection. Although this piece displays "I am my beloved...", it can be replaced by the client's verse of choice, making it custom-made for no additional charge. This item can be further customized -- names, dates, and blessings in Hebrew can be engraved inside this piece at no additional charge. Dimensions: this piece is 14mm wide from top to bottom. One size fits all. For a man or a woman
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